“How blessed are those who dwell in Your house! They are ever praising You.” Ps 84:4

Friday, September 10, 2010

It has been way too long since I last wrote something, however the living of life always trumps the writing about it so this is a chore that often gets pushed to the back burner.
The last post was when Veronica first came to live with us - that was over four months ago. Since then the school year ended and another began. Summer started and ended just as quickly, mostly spent getting used to living with each other, figuring out how to get along and finding where we all fit.

It was rather cool as far as summers go, however we did manage to get a few beach days in here and there.

Another family wedding meant another trip to Alberta, it was wonderful to spend time with family and friends celebrating the marriage of my youngest sister Cheryl. I was also able to meet 3 of the newest members of the family that had been born in the past few months, family gatherings keep growing every time I head north!

At the end of August we celebrated Alex’s birthday, five years old already! He is getting to be so grown up, hard to imagine that he is the same age now that Gumaro was when he and I first met. Alex is quite the character, often making us all laugh with his silly antics and great sense of humor. He is also very strong willed, and is very clear on what he believes to be right, and on what he wants. He started his last year of kindergarten (they will do up to three here) the day before his birthday at a new kindergarten close to home.

Actually this year all three kids are in a new school, which has been another tough transition, but one i believe will be a positive one. For the last few months of last year Veronica attended the Zarahembla school where she had started the year (close to the base, about 15 minutes away) Gumaro was at the private school in town and Alex was at a kindergarten a few blocks away from that school. Having kids in three different schools with three different starting and ending times was a challenge! So this year the school is about 3 blocks away from the house, and Gumaro and Veronica are on the same schedule. This means they can walk home, and equals a lot less driving back and forth for mom :)

Well I could probably write more, but I am also behind on my newsletters and there is still homework to be done and uniforms to be washed before tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be able to write on a more regular basis, feel free to remind me if you are reading this a few months from now and see there are no new posts. :)

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