“How blessed are those who dwell in Your house! They are ever praising You.” Ps 84:4

Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting company here is exhilarating. Who doesn't love their life to turn upside-down for a few days and fall behind in all their regular chores and have the kids be over tired for days afterward?
OK well maybe not too many people, however I still love it. I guess I'm special that way. I like to look at it like a little vacation from regular life. And how great to have such dear people visiting us in our home and in our town! This past week my cousin and his family came to visit, and what a great time we had! All the kids got along great and we got a lot of exciting projects done. The one that will and already is affecting us the most is the idea Lyle had to move the water pump - we now have better water pressure and we aren't using electricity off the solar system! Plus we did all kinds of other work, like putting up wind fence around the garden, planting trees, a general cleanup of the yard, and redid the grey water system.

Now I know, you are all thinking wow, I'd love to come visit and work like crazy the whole time!

It was a great time we all had together though, and so encouraging for me not only to spend time with family i normally don't get to spend a lot of time with, but to be able to connect and see them get excited about this area and to know the people that I have come to love so much. I am honored they came to spend precious vacation time with us.

A group of friends also came from my church family in Taber - when it rains it pours! I love spending time with dear friends and new acquaintances and seeing them so motivated and excited to keep loving the people of this valley. It is easy to feel a bit like an island sometimes but it does not take too much to see that I have so much support and encouragement from this amazing group of people who so easily accepted me into their family nearly 8 years ago.

And so now as a result I am encouraged, blessed, have new vision for a growing project, a clean yard, I can shower at night and my garden has a lovely layer of manure turned into it. Does life get any better?

Now this is generally the point where I would add pictures, however my camera is on the fritz so I guess I will say, stay tuned to see if I get any pictures emailed to me. hint hint.


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