“How blessed are those who dwell in Your house! They are ever praising You.” Ps 84:4

Saturday, October 29, 2011

He laughed!

I know it shouldnʼt have been surprising; I mean, it is not an odd thing that a baby would laugh. However in the two and a half months we have had the pleasure of having Miguel in our household, just a few days ago was the first time he let a giggle loose while Alex and I were playing with him. It was a magical moment, and we stared at him, then at each other, and then we all started to laugh. One of many moments I would not trade for all the riches on this earth.
It rated right up there with the first day that I was able to see that Alex has dimples because his skin had finally relaxed enough to show them...
It made me realize also, how many times that Alex and I laugh every day. He has a delightful sense of humor and loves to play little tricks on me, by hiding around every corner, cheating on our “races” to make our beds and then laughing hysterically, and saying and doing completely random things. He hasnʼt always been so ready to laugh though, his first days with me were defined by fear and anxiety and I am so thankful for him and for the grace of God that has given him so many things to laugh about. It is difficult to understand the effects of being given up by family on a child, but we know that God is sufficient for all our hurts and fears.
One would have thought that the sudden introduction of a 2 month old baby into the household would have warranted an adjustment period of sorts, but I was surprised at how smooth the transition was. Generally speaking I am not a fan of being woken out of a deep sleep (just ask my family or anyone who has roomed with me, haha) however for a baby it is just so different. Alex fell into the roll of big brother with such ease and happiness, another reason to be thankful. He is so helpful, always there to lend a hand with feeding Miguel, cleaning up, washing bottles, or anything else he can be involved in. I am also completely in awe and so thankful for all the physical needs that ʻshowed upʼ just in time. Beautiful clothes and blankets and borrowed items from generous friends, wonderful gifts from family, a donated crib, stroller and car seat, and about three months supply of formula!! What a blessing!
Not only has Alex adjusted well to being a big brother, but he is also doing well as a first grader. It is quite a change from kindergarten to first grade, but he has transitioned well and is happy to go to school every morning; my boy is reading and writing!!! Sometimes some of the other kids are not all that accepting of him, however God has truly given Alex the gift of love and confidence that he is going to need his whole life.
Life does not come without its challenges, and we have had our fair share at Rancho Windiana lately. Twice a dog was able to get into the chicken coops where we had our chickens and rabbits, and unfortunately none of them made it. :( Hopefully with some concrete along the bottom and some beefed up fencing we will not have that problem again! Just a one day later the fish tried to make their escape and there was water everywhere because of a crack in the aquarium. Fortunately these pets were rescued in time! We also had a plumbing issue and so when Alex let the water go out of the tub all of the water that normally goes down the drain and outside ended up in the kitchen.
(Weʼve definitely had our fair share of water everywhere in the house these days) Now this is not what i would consider a fun day, however we are blessed to even have indoor plumbing so i wonʼt complain about some soggy drywall! Its all about perspective right? Of course then last week the cap came off of my front tooth...
It also has been very difficult to get any kind of garden going here, nothing seems to want to grow out in the garden so i have started some plants in the now glassed in porch and that is going well, which is encouraging! I love plants, and the space outside is really turning into a wonderful place to be, especially since it is out of the constant wind!
I was able to purchase a new controller for the solar system last month which has made a significant difference in our electricity situation, which is wonderful especially with the shorter days that are coming up. I also was able to renew my temporary residence status this past month which is great, however quite expensive considering it is only good for one year.The next big expense will be importing the truck into Mexico to be able to have a current license plate on it. Having current license plates is starting to become more important around here than it has been in the past, and I am still waiting to have this done through a program that I signed up for in March; supposedly it will happen now in November. The propane project is also on the list; one large tank further from the house to feed the hot water, stove and fridge will be not only more practical but much safer as well.
A quick trip with my immediate family last week was a wonderful way to reconnect and recharge; I am so blessed to have such a great family! The next trip to Canada I hope to be able to reconnect with many more of you, thank you all so much who are such a support and encouragement to me, in though and prayer, finances and words of edification. I thank God for every one of you! If you would like to know or hear more, or just chat, I would love to hear from you. Send me an email at windykaren@yahoo.ca, call me at 011-521-616-101-6737, (yes, you really do need to dial all those numbers!) or send snail mail to:

#500 calle Primera
Pob Chula Vista Vicente Guerrero, 22920
Baja California Norte, Mexico

(getting mail around here is pretty exciting, even if it does take awhile to arrive!)

If you would like to contribute to our daily or project needs donations can be sent to:
with a note saying what / for whom the funds are for.

OK well that is all the news for now, I look forward to telling about the new ministry opportunities that we as a ministry group are just looking into now in the next letter!

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