“How blessed are those who dwell in Your house! They are ever praising You.” Ps 84:4

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm in Love!!!!

... with my life. 

Haha made you look. But now that you're here, you might as well stick around and see how beautiful it can be when you give up what you want right now for what you really want long term.

Today was one of those days. When the weather is just right, the sun is strong and hot like summertime and there is barely a breeze. When it's like this its as if everything looks clearer, sharper somehow. One of those days when you walk outside in the morning and you can't help but smile because you can just feel how perfect it will be. 

Everyone woke up well, too. Once everyone was up we had waffles with fresh strawberries, and sat enjoying the delight that is a day wide open with no plans when we were inspired to head down to the beach. 

Now, going to the beach is just not quite as simple a thing when you have a (nearly) four month old. Or when you borrow a few extra kidlets so your friend can try to put her house back together from the construction zone it's been lately. 

But it was Oh. So. Worth it. 

Cause when we got there, this happened:

While we were there enjoying the gorgeous day, Berta asked me if I didn't regret letting two crazy, giggling girls (her and Yesi) move into my house. 

Oh yeah, by the way, we have another family member! haha Meet Berta:

She's a little camera shy. 

Anyway, what I told her is what I wanted to share with all of you. 

I am so happy! It's kind of a overwhelming, giddy feeling that grabs me sometimes while I watch everybody in the house interact. Or when we all sit down to a meal together. Or when one of the girls shares something real with me.

I just can't help but smile as my heart fills with pure joy as I watch everyone laugh and relax and get to know each other. When I see Alex learn from and interact with older 'siblings' who have patience with him, but also don't let him get away with everything.  How everyone rallies together to help out and love on little Leo.  Or just getting to do things like help them dye their hair just cause it suddenly occurred to them to do so.

It makes me think of how so often people think that if you give your life to God, if you really truly ask Him "God what do You want me to do? What good deeds did you create me to do? ", that He will ask you to do something really horrible. Like, really horrible. Like move far away from everyone you know and love. Or to sell your home and all your things, and start a career where there is no set paycheque and you're just living by faith. Or you know, something else that you would probably hate. 

But here's the thing; when you really search for God, when you truly seek what He wants and not what you want, He fills you in ways that you can just not even imagine. For real.

Cause you know what? What He made us for is already a part of us! It's already right there in our genetic makeup, just like eye colour, or dimples, or height. So when you let go of the things that you want, or that you think you should be doing and allow God to lead you, it's like you become a little bit more of the whole self that God made you to be. 

Yes, I really did have to use the big letters. 

This is a life changer, people. Trust. Faith. They're easy to say, amazingly hard to live, and are the keys to living a life you can be in love with, and to be rich in what matters most.
And I am the farthest thing from sorry to be heading in that direction. 

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