“How blessed are those who dwell in Your house! They are ever praising You.” Ps 84:4

Thursday, May 3, 2012

February 2012 Update

Again, going back in time, sharing the update sent out in February:

I have been ‘meaning’ to sit down and write a note to all of you wonderful people who support me in so many wonderful ways, yet meaning has not morphed into doing and it is already halfway through February, so I decided to send something today, no matter what it looks / reads like! The beginning of a new year has come and gone again, and we are well in our way to our usual blustery spring. January was a beautiful month weather-wise, some nice rains and beautiful sunny days. There is always more than enough to do and so we have kept quite busy, with the usual keeping up of the house and yard, some projects here and there as I was able to, and working on the books over at the EFF compound. Since I last communicated a large propane tank was installed and is now being used for the water heater, fridge and stove which is a great alternative to having several smaller tanks. There is no way this one is going to go missing! :D Also no more running out of hot water in the middle of a shower, or out of propane in the middle of preparing dinner. Our friends the Brouwer’s have been here for the past few months helping out a new ministry in the area that gives a home and a jumping off point for girls who are just coming out of rehab (a much needed facility!) and Glen was able to come over one day and plumb it all in for us. Over at EFF we are keeping up with the usual weekly evangelical outreaches and are gearing up for another busy season of hosting groups coming from Canada and the US to build homes or do other projects to help the many people who are in such need. One of our small group, Amber, started bringing clothing out to one of the areas most in need and the boys and I go with her and her kids every wednesday, to take clothing “orders” (ages, sizes, etc), and then we bring each family member a fabric bag filled with whatever we had to offer for that specific person. It often is the case that the most needy people are the ones who don’t come to ask, or who are not able to. Another project that I am working on right now is a media presentation about the Erma Fennell Foundation that tells a little about us and what the vision for this foundation is. I enjoy doing this type of work, even though at times it is a little daunting, especially the amount of work and time needed to finish. One major focus of this presentation is the proposed Trade School and training center that we are all so excited about! So far we have put the down payment on all 8 lots, and now we are praying for funds for the monthly payments of $350 each. A few weeks ago there “happened” to be an architect in the group that was visiting, and so we now also have preliminary sketches of the buildings and grounds that are planned! God is so good and we are so excited to see how He will put this all together in His time. The boys, of course are always front and center and it is such a privilege and joy to watch both Alex and Miguel grow up into the little men that they are becoming. Alex continues to gain confidence in school, academically and it seems even socially as well, which is a major answer to prayer. A loving community does amazing things for a little boy’s heart, and that community includes all of you! What a blessing to them and to me to be grounded on such a strong foundation. Again I say to you all, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Little Miguel is a sweet, funny little guy who keep developing more and more personality every day. Thanks to the experience I went through when Alex was a baby he is faring much better than Alex did at this age as far as his skin condition goes. (sorry Alex! Someone has to be the oldest aka guinea pig :( ) This week we are all excitedly anticipating the arrival and visit of not only Grandpa and Grandma, but of Aunty Cheryl and Uncle Scott too!! My parents and sister and brother in law arrive on sunday night, and as always it is so exciting to show them what we have been up to, but this trip is extra special since they all get to meet little Miguel for the first time, and Scott will meet both boys. :) A prayer request, our dear Minerva (And I say our because she was the very first recipient of a home built by a Taber EFree group!) is having some health troubles again. Just as she did 8 years ago she is retaining a lot of water, which last time had indicated (I believe) kidney problems, and her heart had enlarged to three times its size. We do NOT want her to get to that point again! She said nothing to me of course, and when i dropped by to see her I could not believe how bloated she was, she looks nine months pregnant! I will be bringing her to a different doctor tonight so see what he suggests (she has been to the doctors in the free hospital, who told her she just has high cholesterol) and so I would really appreciate your prayers for this dear lady’s health. OK well that is pretty much the latest from here, thanks again for EVERYTHING, we are so blessed and your generosity allows me to be generous as well. Much love from the baja, Karen and boys. ♥

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