“How blessed are those who dwell in Your house! They are ever praising You.” Ps 84:4

Thursday, May 3, 2012

December 2011 Update

I realize we are WAY past this, however since it has been so long since I posted anything i thought I'd add the three updates that there has been between last November and now,to keep things in chronological order. Here is the update I sent out in December:

 Christmas time!!! O the excitement and buildup leading to the single day we celebrate One tiny babe brought into the world for the salvation of all who live, and have lived, and will live in it. A time of family and love and harmony. Or at least as close as we can get to that ideal. Around the world this special time is celebrated, whether or not its true meaning is really known or understood, and here in Mexico is no exception. A month ago decorations and ornaments started showing up in the outdoor second hand markets, and from there signs of Christmas appeared in all sorts of places in all sorts of ways. Alex and I had a lot of fun decorating our house for Christmas, and even though we would have loved to put up lights outside, (solar electricity limitations) I think we were both pretty happy with how things turned out inside. It certainly was a welcome break from all the usualness of everyday life, and the fact that the only change of season we get are lower temperatures. Along with Christmas comes Christmas holidays, which both Alex and I are looking forward to! When the school day is as short as they are here (8 to 12:15 through to grade 6) the teacher relies heavily on parental support and help at home, which translates into a LOT of homework. Alex went through a bit of a tough spell for awhile where he wasn’t quite getting some concepts of reading / writing, however in the last 2 weeks he caught on and is right up where he needs to be, much to the relief of his mommy. Miguel, as most 6-month-olds generally are, is growing and changing and learning something new all the time. He is quite fascinated with his hands, loves to play with his toes and enjoys watching and laughing at his big brothers crazy antics. He also loves to be in the bath which is a good thing, since it is a rather crucial part of both of the boys’ skin care routine. Recently I took him to Ensenada to an eye specialist where we found out his has an ulcer on the cornea of his eye - please keep this issue in prayer as it is still not completely cleared up. As for me, well momma’s been busy! I have begun the daunting task of creating an entirely new accounting system for the Erma Fennell Foundation, which is a big job but I enjoy a challenge. As a ministry we get together often, in the mornings for devotions (I go as often as I can make it) usually some kind of fun night together once a week and now working over there keeps me more connected as well which has been a real blessing. Both kids come with me, which Alex is delighted about because there is another boy who lives on the property about his age, and most of the time there is more than one grandmotherly figure who can’t wait to have some baby time :) We are also busy preparing for Christmas - all the gifts that we put together for those who regularly attend all the outreach classes / meetings done throughout the week, along with drama to present (baby Miguel will be premiering as baby Jesus!!) as well as planning the Christmas party for all involved in the ministry (pastors, lay people, visitors, missionaries, etc). Something that came up recently and rather suddenly was the availability of property on the block over from the EFF property - a field was subdivided and EFF took a step of faith and put the deposit before the down payment on a full block of property, 10 lots, which, if it is God’s will and the funds become available to pay the full purchase price, will be the home of a long-dreamt of Training Center, to be able to train men and women in different trades, possibly have some kind of facility to care for children while parents are learning, and a place for people to come and have help to finish their primary education. Very exciting times! We have another week to pay the down deposit on each one of these lots, so please keep this in your prayers as well that GOD’S will be done, and not our own, and that He will have His way in Vicente Guerrero! The we can have a part in changing people’s lives, not just through hand outs but in teaching and training, and through it all demonstrating the great Love of our King. I pray for all of you that the love of our God will be shown to and by each one in this wonderful time. I’d like to thank each and every one of you as well for your friendship, encouragement, love, and prayer and financial support that I have been so blessed by. May the Lord return it to you one hundredfold.

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